10 Smart Ideas From Beautifully Organized Garages

Your garage likely has to hold everything from gardening and sports equipment to holiday decorations — not to mention a car. With such a big job to do, it’s no wonder this hardworking space can get a little (or a lot) disorganized. Gather inspiration from these beautifully arranged spaces, and pick and choose from 10 takeaways to get your own garage in shape.


Garage by Closets of Tulsa
1. Grab-and-Go Zone

The area closest to the door is a great place to store items you reach for frequently. In this space from Closets of Tulsa, wall-mounted racks hold beach chairs, balls and necessities like sunscreen and water. A trash can by the door is a convenient spot to toss garbage on your way out of the car.

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Contemporary Garage by Doolittle Design Co.2. Mudroom Stand-In

No space for a mudroom inside the house? Consider outfitting one wall of your garage to work as a mudroom instead. In this space, custom cabinetry from Doolittle Designprovides shoe shelves, hanging space and drawers to keep coats and bags neat and tidy.

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Contemporary Garage by Berghuis Construction LLC3. Sports Wall

Keeping like with like is a good organizing strategy in any space in the house. In the garage, putting sports gear all in one place will make it quicker and easier to find what you need when it’s game time. In this space from Berghuis Construction, balls go in wall-mounted mesh organizers, while bikes, bats and other gear hang from hooks.


Industrial Garage by Cornerstone Cabinets Inc.4. Lockable Cabinets

Securely locking up household and garden chemicals is a good idea, especially if you have children or pets at home. Store these items in sturdy cabinets with a combination of adjustable shelving and wall-mounted storage, based on what you need to store. Depending on the level of protection you want, choose cabinetry with built-in locks (the most secure) or add your own childproof cabinet latches after the cabinets are installed.

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Transitional Garage by Organizeology
5. Neatly Labeled Containers

Since many of the items stored in your garage are ones you won’t need to use very often, labeling everything clearly will ensure that you can find what you need when it’s time. This space from Organizeology is a good example of proper labeling: Each bin is clearly labeled with large print and a simple description of the contents.

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Modern Garage by Clear Space Garage and Closet Storage Solutions
6. Space-Saving Bike Racks

Bikes are likely among the bulkiest items you have to store — and if you have more than one or two, they can really start to eat up space. There are several types of wall-mounted bike racks to choose from, and which is best will depend on your space. These bike storage racks from Clear Space Garage and Closet Storage Solutions pivot on the wall, so you can hang bikes closer together, maximizing space.


Modern Garage by Midlands Storage Systems
7. Overhead Storage

If your garage has a high ceiling, why not make the most of it? An overhead rack like this one from Midlands Storage Systems is ideal for holding items that you rarely need to access. Since the rack is overhead, it’s important to have it professionally installed for safety. And keep in mind you will need to stand on a ladder to access the items — so if that’s not something you’re comfortable doing, you might want to look into other storage options.

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Garage by Gladiator
8. Hardworking Tool Bench

If a place to store tools and work on projects is on your garage wish list, this space from Gladiator is a well-outfitted example. Sturdy rollout chests hold up to heavy tools and supplies, and you can move them right where you need them. A power strip makes it easy to keep tools charged up, while wall-mounted storage keeps frequently used tools and supplies within reach.


Contemporary Garage by Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage
9. Laundry Station

Washer and dryer located in the garage? Instead of plunking them down all alone, consider building out a laundry station to make chore time easier — and more appealing. A countertop surface is great for folding clothes, and cabinetry can hold laundry baskets or extra supplies.


Traditional Garage by Closet Art
10. Tall Tool Storage

Keep long-handled tools from becoming a toppled mess by hanging them neatly on the wall. Ladders can also be stored this way, either vertically or horizontally, depending on the height of your garage ceiling and the height of your ladder.

Source: Houzz/Lauren Gaskill, April 17, 2019

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